Fuck The Future

by Dysteria

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Vinyl version of FTF now available via
Vetala Productions / Wooaaargh! / Rad Nauseum / Bones Brigade Records


released February 11, 2014

recorded early August 2013 at DSI Studios Tottenham, London
engineered, mixed and mastered by Nick, also at DSI Studios



all rights reserved


Dysteria London, UK

Anti-humanity hardcore from North London, England

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Track Name: Thirst
Myopia narrates the human condition
rivers brimming, teeming with our lack of vision
wound not only in landscapes
but in necessity
now dried and awash with filth

there is no ever flowing stream

the chorus stands in silence
while we placate our blessed overlords, loving tyrants
existing debilities
breeding tension and outright instability

we’re gagged
not only by the pimps of property
but chosen ignorance and complacency

we’ll watch them all die
never batting a fucking eye
and we’ll wonder what’s left to cheat.
Track Name: Carvery
Pauper vs pauper
the irony’s plain to see
you call us fucking scroungers
I’ll call you fucking thieves

“leave them to rot”

growing cold and mean
hatred is hardening and rising on the streets
following the pointing fingers, forgetting our real enemies
“the scums to blame they’re never pleased”

cos when you sell we feast
“the scums to blame not me”
a drawn out end we’ve conceived
we’re slaves to greed

a weak and false dichotomy
where pundits peddle shit
and beggars queue to kneel
kiss the hand that feeds
“there is no such thing as society, only individuals and their families”

“leave them to rot, they’re good for nought”

will we ever find shared decency
or will we just live to dream disease?
Track Name: Epitaphs
Repentance is merely brand management
for units of production lost
just a mechanical extension
cos the cogs come at a reduced cost
a public relations disaster
not blood spilled
or lives lost

the only conclusion they’re after is margins stabilized, profits realised

then they dance in a chorus (of congratulations)
while in their aftermath
there’s only epitaphs.
Track Name: Unearth
Racing scaled tails
the rattle and the hiss perpetuates
the gnawing at the heels
widened eyes, buying time
widened eyes, buying time

collecting the scraps
fighting for fragments
amongst the laughs

troubling, toiling,
tunnelling hard won ground

loosening cracked surface
the race continues circling round
with wide eyes sealed
fight for the privilege of being bought
widened eyes, buying time
widened eyes, buying time

widened eyes buying time
chasing tails
vanquishing all life
Track Name: Quadraplegic
Spring brought only the stench of death
year in year out
the corpses piled higher as they feigned justice

blood of our brothers - bogged endless fields
blood of our sisters – oiled war’s wheels

potential never realised
an entire generation paralysed

for what?

Sacrifice was the calling of mice and men
in it together, fighting years til a bitter end
bonded over horror - now vigilant in defence
of a future bright with hope - dedicated to common ends

pledging to maintain the dignity
of every man woman and child in society
it was a social pact forgotten with ease
compassion’s easy to hijack with greed
and class war doesn’t die so easily
institutions are harder to kill than fragile human bodies.
Track Name: Invalides
Shadowed by the edifice of a falsified history
a fractured fable, sewn in a deluded psyche

prosperity is reaped by those who were merely delivered by chance to bask in its glow

expression forbidden, assertions dismissed
oh isn’t it precious, I'd dare to play autonomous

identity as pathology
can’t let it get the best out of me


expiry beckons convincingly
deafened by the whispers
desensitized to the screams

I quit.
Track Name: Mephistopheles
Hallowed be thy vanity
on earth as it is in hell
re-enacting this twisted parody
of life and how we hollowed its shell

all that’s holy is profaned
all that’s cherished is lost
free from fear and trembling

toss your halos to the ground
mark the graves of Philomen and Baucis down
the creator of light, you see
is the usurper of night, you see

all that’s holy is profaned
all that’s cherished is lost
free from fear and trembling

all of progress is profaned
all it is is paradox
development is the end of us

it’s throat for a throat, an eye for an eye.