Plague Bearers

by Dysteria

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‘Plague Bearers’ is an exploration of the colonial violence foundational to North America that remains endemic in Canadian society today. It is a deconstruction of the dominant and false narrative we're taught in the media and in school. It is told from the colonizer’s perspective because I am of a European settler-colonialist descent and a beneficiary of a white supremacy. It speaks of the colonial ideologies and policies that led to the residential school system and traces this deliberate attempt to eradicate the First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples through systemic abuse under the guise of “assimilation” and “civilization.” It speaks of the Canadian government, in league with various churches, purposefully hiding and continuing to withhold information pertaining to their program of ethnic cleansing. It speaks of my experiences growing up in an extremely racist society, oblivious to the true history of the treaty six and treaty four lands beneath me: the traditional territories of Cree, Assiniboine, Saulteaux, Chipewya, Nakota Sioux and Métis. I believe it is my responsibility - all settlers’ responsibility – to learn the truths of “nation building,” to acknowledge its destructive legacy, to make space and listen to the stories and counter-narratives of survivors who continue to endure institutionalised racism and marginalisation, and to be an ally in dismantling colonialism and imperialism.

“Decolonization is a lifelong struggle filled with uncertainty and risk taking.” - Paulette Regan 'Unsettling the Settler Within'

This is my humble attempt to breathe life into reconciliation. This is my way of accepting the gift of survivor testimonials and the value of their teachings. This an ode to resilience.

The system failed.

To Learn More:
Findings from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

They Came for the Children: Canada, Aboriginal Peoples, and Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada staff

Larry Loyie, Wayne K. Spear and Constance Brissenden. - Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - 'An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States'

Paulette Regan - 'Unsettling the Settler Within'

Documentaries (which can be found on YouTube)

Sleeping Children Awake

Silent Thunder: The Search for Truth and Reconciliation

Beyond the Shadows - The legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada

Kuper Island – Residential School Survivors

this will be available on some sort of hard copy format at some point for anyone who gives a damn. the whole thing was recorded in one day, live, the right fucking way. recorded at the dissident sound industry studios in tottenham by nick and then mastered by nick on a freezing day in december nearly 100 years ago.


released November 14, 2016

everyone who was involved was involved.



all rights reserved


Dysteria London, UK

Anti-humanity hardcore from North London, England

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Track Name: Dominion
let the flood swell

mythological reverence

cedes all trace of reason

and reaps false absolution

“behold our glorious destiny”

let the flood swell

let the blood swell

dominion and dominance

murderous hubris

if this pestilence is our end

we’ll wash this land free of sin

massacre without conscience

as chosen ones we must complete

god’s sacred goals of purity

ordained to crush this blasphemy

Track Name: Assimilate
purge their gods

obliterate their spirits

denigrate their sacraments

silence their tongues

banish ancient wisdom

eradicate their history

proclaim theirs backwards lives of beasts

fracture the family

desecrate communities

institutionalise neglect

a genocide to perfect

a century, a tower of bones

non compliance, perceived defiance

will be met with cruelty and violence

devastation, not assimilation

cultivating fear is our legacy we share

devastation's not assimilation

devastation's not civilization

forbid dignity, obliterate opportunity

desecrate, obliterate, forbid
Track Name: Stolen
numbered like cattle

legal wards of the state

inmates and slaves

a means to control

a so-called inferior race

an unconscionable fate



worked like dogs

electrocuted and restrained

so no dignity could remain

beat them black and blue

free labour to berate

stolen wards of the state

“nurture isn't their nature

their blood is tainted with failure”

was our mandate for torture

resistance comes with a prison sentence

led to believe they were orphaned, abandoned

internment camps always have mandatory attendance


the key to cultural dominance

humiliation, isolation

destroying generations
Track Name: Graveless
mass graves

paint the landscapes of centuries

manifest destiny

meant usurping land by all means necessary

couldn’t begin to comprehend

how many died at the hands of our bretheren

buried bodies

entombed truths

unmarked graves

obscures our abuse


industrial schools

or death camps?

i don't think torture

counts as an education

if diseases of squalor didn’t claim life first

the clergy was happy to abide death’s thirst

the statesmen never had that much to say

the nightmare continues

institutions with new names

and our indifference is engrained
Track Name: Labrats
merely pawns of purposeful deprivation

left to starve and wither

not children, just experiments

left to fend infectious disease

contagion, another legion

germ warfare

“we’ll do best to extirpate this execrable race”

a human inconvenience forever erased

the gall is breathtaking, the entitlement is nauseating

carved and sullied

bled and bloodied

just labrats studied

the gall is breathtaking, the entitlement is nauseating

women carved and children starved

just labrats for our project
Track Name: Silence
isolate the mistakes

so discomfort isn't a part of your day

choose to look the other way and blame the victim

a tacit support

racism ignored

whitewashed narrative

a caste system

lacking the will to end centuries of violence

when self determination

is a figment of imagination

we're doomed to watch history repeating

your ignorance brings you bliss

never saw the story’s bullshit

privilege born of violence

privilege born of silence
Track Name: Missing
another woman’s missing and 1200s not a problem?

when the fuck will we wake up and call it like it is?

another man is missing and several thousand aren’t a problem?

when the fuck will we wake up and own it like it is?

violence begats violence

and the story never changes

violence begats violence

and the law sees only worthless time

the law sees only worthless time

crooked in their hearts

corrupted in their minds

trauma spanning centuries

forgotten children left to drown in the wake

until we see the forest for the trees

our hands are stained with blood

our conscience littered with bodies

the law sees worthless time

and our lives ignore it

each leaves love

adding to eons of loss

bodies without value

is she next?

we don’t care

the blood is on our hands

we don't care


pure indifference

we don't care
Track Name: Reconciliation?
money doesn't heal wounds

ghosts are feasting on our apathy

and an official apology is empty when actions don't reflect words

when accompanied by hallow promises, opting out of duty

you can never really, these wounds will never mend

without acknowledgement

with no justice, there will be no peace

state violence and our compliance means no justice, no peace

stifling inquiries and withholding documents

it’s clear you have no interest in acknowledging your trespasses

divide and conquer

timelessly spineless

ignoring treaties

reconciliation is just a word to appease

still stealing land

“taming the west”

a caste system financed cos misery is business

these are human lives, not just stats

these are human lives not just your fucking stats